Before you look any further We at Advanced Aesthetics Of Cambridge are trained to work with you in finding the best solution to you denture needs.

Offering you many years of experience and Qualified members of the Royal College Of Surgeons.

We also concentrate on keeping fully up to date with all the latest technology, equipment, materials and practices, so we can give our patients the best treatments available.

Most people don’t relish a trip to the dentist, but we do our best to make your visit as welcome, enjoyable and relaxing as possible.

We strike a balance between being friendly and professional to create a good relationship with our patients; it’s important that you feel at ease whilst having full confidence in us. Our great reputation throughout Cambridgeshire tells us we are getting this right.

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We construct the dentures with our patient carefully explaining each stage with acceptance until completion.

Clinical Dental Technician Vince Marino Born and Bred in Cambridge, I started work for a Dental Technician during my school holidays two years before I left school 38 years ago, I then went on to study Dental Technology at South London college Tooley st London for 3 years when qualified I undertook two more years advanced dental technology, the law changed in 2008 allowing Clinical Dental Technicians to work indipendently of the dentist and direct to the public, Vince Marino was one of the pioneering Dental technicians to undertake a three year Canadian course in the UK, qualifying as one of the first to register in the country, this did not suffice the regulators and he undertook a further two years at the Royal College Of Surgeons in London, now as a fully qualified Clinical Dental Technician he works closely with patients and Dentists providing a special service only allowed by CDTs.

As he has worked and lived in Cambridge all his life he has obtained a vast knowledge of his profession continuous studies including course work and hands on totalling 160 hours every five years provided to the General Dental Council, He has also provided many hours to his profession being involved on the board of the committee Clinical Dental Technicians Association with political actions and meetings resulting in the regulation of his profession, He still keeps quite active on the political front as an prospective councillor for the area he lives in.

Vince Marino has also provided dentures for patients all over the world flying to different locations with extraordinary requests, he says my aim is to provide all of my patients with a prosthesis they are happy with regaining their smile and content as when they had their own teeth. I use the very latest techniques and constantly strive to better myself even though I do come across a challenge now and then all I can say is I try my best in all situations.