Advanced Aesthetics Of Cambridge will design your gumshield to fit your mouth perfectly.

Ensuring the teeth and gums are perfectly protected and held in position, the wearer enjoys maximum comfort.

Gum shields, or mouthguards, are used to protect the teeth and gums from damage, particularly in children who are playing sport such as cricket, hockey, football, rugby and boxing.

It is likely that a child’s mouthguard will need to be replaced fairly regularly, as the teeth grow and move. However, this is still preferable to the risk of losing or breaking teeth, and we do consider growth when a mouthguard is constructed so they should last longer.

We have a full range of colours and design with motifs if required.

Home mouthguard kits are not advised as these will not fit properly, will not offer adequate protection and can cause discomfort, fall out or even cause choking.

Please be safe a boil in the bag gumshield can fall out of the mouth due to bad fit this would then be sucseptable to bacteria from the floor or grass and you would be unprotected during that moment it is out.

Coloured gumshields are available and in some cases can be made in team colours, stripes and other designs. The team at Advanced Aesthetics will go through all the options with you.

Remember, if a tooth does get knocked out, you should try to place it back in the socket and then visit your dentist or hospital straight away. If you can’t place the tooth back in place, you should store it in a glass of milk or hold it in the mouth to stop it from drying out (not in water). Try not to touch the root of the tooth and do not put clove oil or aspirin on the gap in your mouth.

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