Denture services

There are many reasons why people need our denture services but we strive to give patients what they want not what i want and: take away self-consciousness and hand back some the confidence they once had.

Dentures are removable appliances for full or missing teeth. They are fixed to a hard base, which is attached close to your existing teeth. Our dentures are designed to be discreet and authentic – in other words, nobody will know you are wearing them.

Our denture services include: 

  • Suction dentures
  • Complete dentures
  • BPS dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Gold, Chrome or suitable alloy plates
  • Implant retained dentures
  • All on four one day dentures and Implants
  • Gum shields
  • Snoring devices
  • Repairs and Additions of teeth
  • And we also place gold, diamonds, and motifs in single teeth

Helping you bring back the confidence in your smile

Ill-fitting or problematic dentures will cause you many issues: they may prevent you from eating the foods you want, feel uncomfortable or painful, fall out when you eat or regularly become damaged.

Also, if your dentures don’t look natural, you may find you have stopped smiling properly and even changed the way you talk in order to hide them.

Advanced Aesthetics of Cambridge uses modern techniques and materials to replace your dentures the tailor-made teeth will look and feel natural and allow you to enjoy life fully again.

Whatever the extent of your tooth loss, dentures are also an effective way of preventing further damage to your remaining teeth and gum structure.

We can replace one tooth, several teeth or all of your teeth with carefully designed dentures that will suit your needs and appearance.

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