Advanced Aesthetics of Cambridge is a dental implant practice.

Implants can provide a more suitable alternative to regular dentures, as they are placed into the jawbone and do not require a base .they can be single or part of denture retaining.

This treatment is often a preferable option for patients who need a lot of teeth replaced, because it will result in a stronger bite and less likelihood of gum irritation from large base areas.

A small titanium rod is inserted into the upper or lower to form a new ‘root’. Advanced Aesthetics will then design a new prosthesis, matching your existing teeth by colour and size, attaching the plate to the implant with abutments.

Tooth loss can result in bone loss over time ,implants prevent this as they support the structure of your jaw. Implants are also more solid than regular dentures, allowing patients to chew all types of food more easily. Because there is a firm base holding the dentures in place, your taste and speech will not be compromised. Dental implants are long-lasting and function and feel like natural teeth. Any existing teeth are not affected by this treatment



Dental implant systems

There are many systems of implant retained dentures we can offer most:

  • All on four.
  • 3i.
  • Branemark.
  • Straumann.

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